About Deron Verbeck | Landscape & Ocean Photography Fine Art

Deron Verbeck in a black and white photo on the beach with his tripod and camera.
Photo by Adam DeVito

Deron has spent his entire life drawn to the outdoors. His childhood years mark memorable moments in nature. He was born in Southern California but spent his early years in the western backcountry on a livestock farm in Kentucky. While in Kentucky, his mother's love for a rural lifestyle opened gateways for Deron to experience animals and wildlife, gifting him the most intimate moments with nature. He now embodies the connection with his mother's love and appreciation for all living things in his life path.

After the tragic loss of his mother at age eight, he relocated to the beach cities of Southern California. He found solace and comfort while independently spending countless hours exploring the nearby beaches and surrounding nature. By his late teens and young adult years, his interest in sea life drew him into the world of diving and spearfishing.

In 1992, Deron moved to Kona to fulfill his spearfishing dreams. The island of Hawaii provided new opportunities to explore. The theme of his career path as a business owner, boat captain, guide, shark tagger, and photographer centers on unique encounters with marine life subjects. He captures and transforms ordinary Hawaiian scenes into something magical through the lens of his camera and photography ventures.

His love of the ocean led Deron to be a competitor on the US Freediving Team from 2000-2008. He held several US National & Continental records for several various disciplines of competitive freediving. He was a recognized champion athlete in the AIDA Freediving Championship series. His freediving experience and accomplishments allow him to share and document rare encounters with ocean life while on a single breath.

His photography work is a beautiful and pure callback to his passion for nature from childhood. While his best works are stunning tributes to his subjects, his career path with spearfishing and freediving successes gives him a cutting-edge mastery of animal behavior. This translates in his underwater photographic assignments and explorations. Additionally, he focuses on bold and intimate moments, always utilizing patterns, lines, and layers accentuated by vivid colors and lighting.

Deron's deep appreciation for all living things has come full circle. He now shares and inspires others with similar passions through his photography work in nature.