Licensing Shark, Whale & Dolphin Photos

Silhouette of a oceanic white tip shark from underneath

Deron's images are available for public purchase and use in various business publications. In addition, he provides copy-right-managed licensing for these specific usages, whether your publication is a magazine, advertisement, online marketing, website, product packaging, retail displays, presentations, book, products, or research publications.

As a champion breath hold diver and award winning published photographer, Deron's contributions to shark tagging and conservation of their fragile ocean ecosystem has provided him the opportunity to compile an extensive library of stock-type images beyond what is available on this website. Feel free to contact Deron directly with your request to determine if we have an image that will meet your needs. The price varies depending on image size, intended usage, and other factors.

Deron's work has been published and licensed in documentaries by National Geographic, the Discovery Channel as well as dozens of written publications and research papers on shark, whale, and dolphin populations, behaviors, and habitats.

CONTACT US to request licensing. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a license agreement that meets your specific need.

World's Most Dangerous Shark

Picture of a shark swimming with other fish promoting the National Geographic documentary 'World's Most Dangerous Shark?'
Deron Verbeck is featured in this documentary by National Geographic